Key-value databases for scalability?

Posted by tkouts on 23 February 2009 | 0 Comments

Tags: database, cloud computing, scalability, distributed

Recently, RWW posted a very interesting article about the new breed of emerging databases for massively scalable internet applications ( Examples of these kind of databases include Amazon's Dynamo and their newest release called SimpleDB, CouchDB, HyperTable, and of course Google's AppEngine Datastore which is based on Big Table.

I think this article is quite predictive about the future of databases and cloud computing. I believe that the two biggest problems that relational databases are facing are their inability to handle efficiently semi-structured data and the lack of multi-node scalability (scaling out to hundreds or even thousands of nodes). The need for scaling as you grow is an essential requirement for cloud computing.

On the other hand, I too don't believe that relational databases are doomed in anyway. They will be dominating the market for a long time yet.

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