NetBeans 6.5 Python IDE

Posted by tkouts on 19 January 2009 | 0 Comments

Tags: netbeans, ide, python

The last month I have been using the NetBeans IDE for doing Python and JavaScript development and I must say that I'm pretty satisfied. This is the first time I use an IDE other than Eclipse, for more than two weeks.

Just like with every new release there are some minor issues but overall I think this is a very promising Python IDE and eventually will improve with each new release. After one month of use here are the pros and cons:


- Very good code analysis tools
- Effective auto-completion
- Good Python debugger


- Editing performance is inferior compared to this of Eclipse
- The SVN plugin automatically adds any new files added in the project folder (you have to add them to svn:ignore manually in order to avoid adding them to the repository)
- The file statuses are not updated when using the command line version of SVN (a "Refresh" option would be handy)
- The first time launched it failed to index my "site-packages". I had to move this folder temporarily in order to successfully index the libraries of the standard CPython installation

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