Introducing Normal Template for Python

Posted by tkouts on 14 February 2010 | 0 Comments

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Normal Template is a template engine originally developed by my friend George Moschovitis in JavaScript. What I really like about Normal Template is its simplicity, compactness and its clean JSON-ish approach.

Therefore, I decided to write a Python port and use it as an alternative out-of-the-box template engine for the upcoming release of Porcupine. Normal templates are safe, applicable to any non XML/HTML contexts and portable to any programming language.

Sample usage:


<h1>Hello {=name}</h1>

{:select profile}

<p>Your age is {=profile/age}</p>

{:reduce articles}
<li>{=title} - {=count}</li>
<li>No articles found</li>

{:if admin}
You have admin rights
You don't have admin rights

from normaltemplate import *

template_file = open('template.html')
src ='utf-8')

# compile template into a Python function
template = compile(src)

data = { // the data dictionary in JSON format
'name' : 'George',
'profile' : {
'age' : 34,
'gender' : 'M'
'articles' : [
{ 'title' : 'Hello world', 'count' : 34 },
{ 'title' : 'Another article', 'count' : 23 },
{ 'title' : 'The final', 'count' : 7 }
'admin': True

# calling the template with the data dictionary
# returns the rendered output

The code for py-normal-template is available on github at The original JavaScript implementation is available at

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