Porcupine Downloads

Porcupine is available open-source under the LGPL license. It requires an existing web server installation and a web connector. Currently it supports Apache with MOD_PYTHON or any other web server that is WSGI or CGI enabled. In order to decide which downloads are required for your system see the Porcupine installation matrix wiki guide.


Download the latest official release:

The latest official version is 0.6. If you already have Python installed then you can download the Porcupine source:

Download porcupine-0.6-src.zip

Alternatively, there is also Windows installer which does not require Python to be preinstalled:

Download porcupine-0.6-win32.exe


Upgrade to the latest official release:

Upgrading Porcupine is only supported for two consequent official releases. The following downloads offer upgrade packages from release 0.5.2 to 0.6:

Download porcupine-upgrade-0.6-src.zip source upgrade, or alternatively if you are using the Windows installer,

Download porcupine-upgrade-0.6-win32.exe

Visit the Porcupine upgrade instructions wiki page for step-by-step instructions.


Download the latest development version:

Grab the latest development version from my github repository:

$ git clone git://github.com/tkouts/porcupine.git

Next, don't forget to initialize the Porcupine database by typing:

$ python ./db_init.py


Previous releases:

You can download previous Porcupine releases from sourceforge.

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