Porcupine Features


Porcupine features many innovative technologies developed entirely by inno:script. Some of the key features include:

Embedded hierarhical object database with transaction support based on Berkeley DB
The Porcupine Object Query Language (powered by David Beazley's PLY parsing tools)
Simple role based security
Support for custom data-types
Custom event handlers per content class
Integrates QuiX, inno:script's JavaScript framework
Remote methods (Web Methods) bound to content classes become directly accessible over HTTP
Compiled Python Server Pages
Support for pre and post-processing filters (GZIP, i18n, impersonation and many other filters are offered out of the box)
Web Methods can be secured with policies by using the provided pre-processing filter
Connectivity with WSGI, CGI enabled web servers. A MOD_PYTHON connector is also available.
Single file deployment. Use the pakager utility to include all of your application files and object definitions in a single file. Installation is done by the same utility using a single command.
Full UTF-8 support
Runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows NT
Easy to learn API
Supported protocols: HTTP, XML-RPC


Porcupine comes with three applications pre-installed:

User and Groups Management
POQL Query Performer. A good testbed for your queries, although in a very early development stage.



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