QuiX JavaScript toolkit

Ever wondered how to create rich web applications that look and behave like traditional client-server apps? QuiX is the answer. QuiX is a XUL inspired JavaScript toolkit that renders rich UIs defined in XML files and supports the latest builds of Mozilla based browsers, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer (IE7 is recommended).

QuiX supported browsers

QuiX's design is modular, minimizing bandwidth usage. The core files contain the base widget implementation, the XUL parser and the server communication module (XML-RPC). The summed size of the uncomporessed core files is about 50KB making QuiX one of the most compact JavaScript libraries out there.


Apart from the core files, QuiX also includes the modules, which usually implement a group of relevant UI widgets. These JavaScript modules are tiny - usually no more than 12KB each - and they are loaded on the fly whenever an XML UI definition references one of the widgets contained in them. There is also a small Java applet, which is used for file uploads, providing an exceptional end user experience.


QuiX comes with a familiar DOM-like API and full CSS2 support. This allows web developers to get familiar with it almost instantly.


Some of the widgets implemented are: window, dialog, icon, label, button, splitter, toolbars, tree, splitter, tab pane, menu bar, menu, list view, a simple data grid etc.

Currently, QuiX is not provided separately. It is an integral part of Porcupine, inno:script's web application server. If you need to use QuiX on existing web applications please contact inno:script.

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