FileTrack v0.1-RC3 is released

Posted by tkouts on 22 December 2008 | 0 Comments

Tags: filetrack, application

The latest release of FileTrack, a Web enabled communication logger, is now available for download. This release is mainly a compatibility release. I have included all the required changes in order to comply with the latest Porcupine release (0.5.2).

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Porcupine v0.5.2 is released! Now with wider browser support

Posted by tkouts on 4 December 2008 | 0 Comments

Tags: porcupine, quix, safari, chrome

Porcupine v0.5.2 is finally here. This release includes the brand new version of QuiX supporting the latest releases of Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers but also introduces a couple of new exciting enhancements. A popular request for QuiX has always been an effects module. This release has a new small effects module that initially supports fade, wipe and slide effects. Furthermore, the newest version includes an enhanced list view widget implementation with no more wobbling headers and great support for large datasets by using asynchronous rendering. Finally, the base widget class has a new "query" method for performing advanced queries on the widgets hierarchy and a new auto complete widget contribution.

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