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Key-value databases for scalability?

Posted by tkouts on 23 February 2009 | 0 Comments

Tags: database, cloud computing, scalability, distributed

Recently, RWW posted a very interesting article about the new breed of emerging databases for massively scalable internet applications ( Examples of these kind of databases include Amazon's Dynamo and their newest release called SimpleDB, CouchDB, HyperTable, and of course Google's AppEngine Datastore which is based on Big Table.

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Running Porcupine on SMP systems

Posted by tkouts on 3 September 2008 | 3 Comments

Tags: porcupine, scalability

The last days I have been wondering what it takes to have multiple Porcupine processes running on SMP systems, as the first step towards scalability. Since almost all of the modern CPUs are multi-core and due to the Python's Global Interpreter Lock, in order to take full advantage of a CPU's horsepower is to have multiple Porcupine processes (sub-processes to be precise) all accessing the same database.

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