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The Porcupine source code repository has now moved to github

Posted by tkouts on 16 April 2009 | 0 Comments

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The Porcupine Subversion repository will no longer be maintained. I have recently moved the repository to github. There you can find all the new exciting features for the upcoming release (hopefully to be released this month) including:
- Multiprocessing support for Python 2.6
- Database indexes
- QuiX namespaces with backwards compatibility i.e. "Label" is now "QuiX.ui.Label"
- Support for QuiX themes
- A lightweight rich text editor
- Support for Opera 9, Safari 4 and IE 8
- Conditional Etag support
- Persistent data sets on the client side using PersistJS combined with the 304 (Not Modified) response code for POST requests (remote method calls).
- Redesigned transactions
- Database and cookie based session managers
- New optimized web connectors (including out of the box support for mod_wsgi)
- and many more...
The new repositories can be found at

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